Sunday, 11 July 2010

Ruby Ring

I made this 18ct yellow gold ruby ring last week using a lovely untreated ruby. I love the colour of rubies and when combined with 18ct yellow gold and diamonds they look stunning.

I love using different precious stones such as rubies, but in the past I have been reluctant to buy them when the stone dealers have been unable to give me assurances regarding where the stones have been sourced. I don't want to play any part in supporting the import of Burmese rubies due to the current political situation in that country.

The ruby used in my ring is from a mine in southern Tanzania and was supplied by Ruby Fair, a partnership between British jewellers and local miners. They support a local orphanage and their aim is to supply beautiful stones whilst giving consideration to the welfare of the miners and the local ecology.

In the past, jewellery has had unfortunate links with unethical mining and a disregard for the environment. Recently this has began to change due to demand from more aware customers and from independent jewellers.

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